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Values Background Readings

Background readings for the iEngage Video Lecture Series, Jewish Values and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Jewish Values and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Background Readings

Unit 1: The Current Discourse – The Spectrum of Views

1. Yonatan Amir, " It’s Time for a One State Solution ," 972mag.com

2. Naftali Bennet, " For Israel, Two-State is No Solution ," The New York Times

3. " Criticism and Civil Conversation: Learning from the Other, Living with Ambivalence – A Symposium ," Havruta Journal of Jewish Conversation

4. Yossi Klein Halevi, " Empathy and Dignity: What Israel and the Diaspora Owe Each Other ," Havruta Journal of Jewish Conversation

5. Gilead Sher, "Two States as a Policy Imperative: The Partition Plan," Jerusalem Report The Partition Plan

6. Jonathan S. Tobin, “ Two States: In Principle? Yes. Now? No ,” Commentary

7. A.B. Yehoshua, " Dividing the Land of Israel into Two States Is a Moral Imperative ," Haaretz

Unit 2: Living with Difference

1. Donniel Hartman, The Boundaries of Judaism – Introduction and Ch. 1

2. Donniel Hartman, The Toxic Discourse around Israel

Unit 3: The Israel We Imagine

1. David Hartman, The Third Jewish Commonwealth

2. Yeshayahu Leibowitz, Judaism, Human Values, and the Jewish State , pp.115–117

Unit 6: Attitudes towards the Land – Perspectives from Outside the Land

1. Exchange between AJC President Jacob Blaustein and PM David Ben-Gurion

Unit 8: Justice – X Happened

1. Ari Shavit, My Promised Land (complete chapter on Lydda)

2. Martin Kramer, " What Happened at Lydda "

3. Benny Morris, Righteous Victims , pp. 207-209

4. Abba Eban, 11 Statements

Unit 9: Self-Preservation

1. IDF Spirit: Purity of Arms and the Code of Morality in War

2. Emil Fackenheim, The 614th Commandment

Unit 10: Compromise

1. Avishai Margalit, "Indecent Compromise," in On Compromise and Rotten Compromise pp. 195-196

2. Abraham R. Besdin, Reflections of the Rav: The Torah Way of Justice , Vol. 1, pp. 55-57

3. Peel Commission, Chapter XXIII (1937)

Unit 11: A Light Unto The Nations: The Idea Of Exceptionalism

1. II Samuel, Chapter 21: 1–14

2. Tal Becker, “ What the ‘Goyim’ Say

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