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Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana


Sep 13, 2023

Cooking these special recipes connects me to my grandma.

Sep 12, 2023

The High Holidays connect us to the cycle of the Jewish year and the hope and promise of new beginnings.

Sep 16, 2020

Shaul Magid translates a parable embedded in a long homily from Rosh ha-Shana 1925

Sep 15, 2020

Sep 10, 2020

Explore this ancient Rosh Hashana piyyut (liturgical poem) that contains just 32 words beginning with: Hayom Harat Olam, the day of creation of the world.

Jul 23, 2020

Gordon Tucker explores the final passage in this iconic and challenging prayer on the Days of Awe.

Jul 15, 2020

Gordon Tucker explores the veritable trove of interpretation of one small liturgical text.

Jul 1, 2020

Renana Ravitsky Pilzer explores between cosmocentrism, anthropocentrism, and a historical approach to the holiday liturgy

Sep 10, 2019

Several biblical passages imply that God was ritually enthroned as king during the new year celebrations. In the Torah itself, however, this is suppressed.

Sep 5, 2019

Sep 17, 2017

In our intimate moments of prayer, when we seriously confront our limitations, we are tempted to promise to immediately become better.

Aug 29, 2017

Rabbinic high Holiday Webinar with Rabbi Tamar Elad-Appelbaum

Sep 26, 2016

If the absence of a peace process is not what ought to be, then we can choose to do something about it

Sep 8, 2016

Micah Goodman discusses the complications and contradictions in the first four chapters of Mishnah Rosh Hashana.

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