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The Zionist Narrative: A Tale of Two Cities


Lecture Title: The Zionist Narrative: A Tale of Two Cities

Lecturer: Rachel Korazim

Lecture Sources

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1. Yehuda Amichai: From the Songs of Zion the Beautiful

2. Naomi Shemer: White City

3. Yitzhak Shalev: What I Did Not Get From Siddurim And Machzorim

4. Jonathan Geffen: Maybe It’s Over

5. Nahum Guttmann: The Path Of Orange Peelings

6. Yoram Tahar-Lev: The Ballad Of Yoel Moshe Salomon

Program: Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar

Program Year: 2010

Program Theme: Engaging Israel: Jewish Values and the Dilemmas of Nationhood

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