The Path Forward for Liberal Zionism

This government can’t be changed, but the foundations can be laid for a broad, new social coalition with a different vision for Israel.

“On November 1, 2022, Israel’s voters spoke. The verdict of the majority, however slender, was to put into power the most ultra-nationalist and ultra-Orthodox government in Israel’s history.

As lovers of Israel, we have long recognized the complexity of Israel’s situation and challenges. And so we, to some extent, accepted as inevitable the gap between the Israel that is and the Israel we long for. Now, though, we can no longer rely on the argument of “it’s complicated.” In its coalition agreements, statements and intended policies on issues ranging from the future of the Supreme Court and democracy to massive settlement expansion to changing the Law of Return, this government is not complicated. It is simply indefensible.

How, then, to respond?”

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