The Narrative of Israeli Judaism

Some Israelis are starting to take a lot from old Jewish culture and renewing it

There has been a lack of Jewish education in the Israeli non-Orthodox community. But some people are discovering, surprisingly, there is something interesting in this tradition.
The new and exciting development in the last 10-20 years is that some Israelis are starting to build up a new culture that is taking a lot from the old Jewish culture and renewing it.
Rabbi Dr. Ariel Picard , director of the Institute’s Center for Education , makes references in this talk to performers Shlomo Gronich , who performed a special concert at the Institute during the summer and Ehud Banai, and talks about how Judaism is becoming part of Israeli culture.
This video is based on a talk given in the summer of 2008 to the Institute’s Lay Leadership Summer Retreat program.
Picard also makes extensive reference to the Israeli author Haim Hazaz , and his famous story, " The Sermon ." 

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