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תודה רבה | Todah rabah

Thank you for supporting the Shalom Hartman Institute’s work to strengthen peace, pluralism, and Jewish values in Israel. Thanks to a generous donor, your donation to the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America has been doubled for twice the impact!

At this critical moment for Israeli democracy – when Israel must decide what kind of state it will be and what values it stands for – our work is central to the outcome. Your gift makes a real difference supporting this work.

There are a number of ways you can stay in touch with our work:

  • Our podcasts delve into big ideas and important issues that matter to you. Each week on Identity/Crisis, Yehuda Kurtzer interviews leading thinkers to unpack the trends and events affecting our Jewish communities. And on For Heaven’s Sake, Donniel Hartman, Yossi Klein Halevi, and Elana Stein Hain revive the Jewish art of constructive discussion on political and social trends in Israel.
  • Don’t miss Ideas for Today, Hartman’s catalog of virtual public lectures, courses, and special events. Top Hartman scholars tackle pressing issues of our day so we can think and do better. We’d love to see you there.
  • Check out our upcoming events across North America and in Israel. Join us virtually or in person for a wide variety of topics and speakers. There’s something for everyone!

Strong Jewish communities. Empowered leaders. Jewish ideas as a compelling force for good. These are the values that animate our work each day.

Thank you for partnering with us.

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