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Talking About Israel: Jews and Muslims

The challenges of Jewish/Muslim dialogue and why rising bigotry is not unique to one faith community, nor one-way.
Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartman is president of the Shalom Hartman Institute and holds the Kaufman Family Chair in Jewish Philosophy. He is author of the highly regarded 2016 book, Putting God Second: How to Save Religion from Itself, and is the host of the award-winning For Heaven’s Sake, one of the most popular Jewish podcasts in North America. Donniel is the founder of some of the most extensive education, training and enrichment programs for scholars,

Abdullah Antepli

Donniel Hartman and Imam Abdullah Antepli, a co-director of the Muslim Leadership Initiative, spoke of the challenges of Jewish/Muslim dialogue, the role Zionism and Israel plays in interfaith relations, and why rising bigotry is not unique to one faith community nor one-way.

This lecture was part of a series of dialogues about the Jewish State with scholars from Jewish, Muslim, and Christian backgrounds at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.

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