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Summer 2012 Videos Online for Viewing

More than 20 lectures from Dilemmas of Faith: God and Spirituality in the Modern World can be seen on the Institute website

More than 20 of the lectures, seminars, and evening programs of the Summer 2012 programs at Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, Dilemmas of Faith: God and Spirituality in the Modern World, were recorded on video and are now available for online viewing.
CLP participants can CLICK HERE to view videos on the CLP section of the website, viewers can go to:
Rabbis can CLICK HERE to view videos on the Rabbinic Leadership section of the website.
Just click on the play arrow on any of the videos on the page to watch. You will be able to expand the video to fill the entire screen if you wish. The videos include the name of the speaker or speakers, title and date of the event and a listing of which group or groups were in the audience. For your information, here are the acronyms and what they mean:  

Please note that many of these programs last more than one hour. As a result, it may take your computer time to properly prepare the video for smooth viewing.
As a general rule, if you want the video to run without interruption, you should click the play button (the right-facing arrow) and then, a few seconds later, pause the program and wait a few minutes. This will permit the video to "buffer," that is, temporarily store the data in your computer as it streams from the Internet.
After a few minutes, enough data should be in the "buffer" for you to watch the video smoothly without interruption.
Also, please note that you can watch all of these videos directly on the Shalom Hartman Institute YouTube channel.
  • Click here to watch Summer 2012 videos on YouTube.
  • Click here to watch all SHI videos on YouTube. As of late 2012, there are more than 140 videos from SHI programs on YouTube.

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