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Summer 2011 Lectures on Video

Nearly 20 of the Summer 2011 sessions at Hartman Institute in Jerusalem were recorded and are now being made available online in video and audio formats
Nearly 20 of the Summer 2011 sessions at the Hartman Institute in Jerusalem taught by SHI scholars and subject experts were recorded and are being made available online in video and audio formats, including the SHI Podcast on Apple’s iTunes. Click here to view videos.
The 2011 Community Leadership Summer Retreat and Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar sessions focused on the theme: “Jewish Peoplehood: The Meaning of the Collective in Modern Jewish Life.”

Lectures, seminars, group, and havruta study addressed questions such as:  

  • How do the different names for the Jewish collective – Am Yisrael, Klal Yisrael, or B’nai Yisrael – reflect different aspects and ideals of Jewish Peoplehood?
  • What are the core values of Judaism expressed through the collective as refracted through our sacred texts?
  • How does the value of Peoplehood conflict with or complement other claims of the individual or of the family?
  • What responsibility do Jews have for one another across social, political, and national lines?
  • How have vibrant "Diaspora" communities reshaped our understanding of Peoplehood?
  • How do land and nationhood inform and complicate our picture of the Jewish collective?
  • What are the central rituals that create and define Peoplehood, and what values do they teach?
  • What is the relationship between the Jewish People and its sacred texts?

You care about Israel, peoplehood, and vibrant, ethical Jewish communities. We do too.

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