Should Jews Criticize Other Jews in Public?

How wary should American Jews be of "airing our dirty laundry in public?"

How wary should American Jews be of “airing our dirty laundry in public?” Should they resist subjecting other Jews to public scrutiny out of concern that it will lead to caricatures and stereotypes of Jewish communities—or is it our responsibility to bring our concerns to light in the hope that accountability will motivate much-needed societal change? Lani Santo is the CEO of Footsteps, an organization providing educational, vocational, and social support to people who have left or want to leave the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. She joins host Yehuda Kurtzer for a conversation about recent public discourse around Hasidic education and about how we, as Jews, can and ought to hold one another accountable in the public square.

Identity/Crisis: The Ideas Behind the News is a podcast of the Shalom Hartman Institute.

A transcript of this episode is available here.

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