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SHI North America Begins a New Chapter in the New Year

As of November 2017, SHI North America will begin a new chapter in our growth as a center of applied research and transformative teaching.

SHI North America Begins a New Chapter in the New Year

Shalom Hartman Institute of North America is excited to announce that as of November 2017, we will begin a new chapter in our growth as a center of applied research and transformative teaching from new and significantly enlarged New York headquarters at the Interchurch Center at 475 Riverside Drive, near Columbia University.

The centerpiece of this new location, and the major impetus behind the relocation, is the creation of space to house an expanded roster of North American faculty and fellows of the Kogod Research Center, as well as a substantially enlarged Beit Midrash to meet our growing program needs.

Over the past two years SHI North America has significantly increased the diversity of faculty talent in breadth, depth, political affiliation, and religious denomination, including visiting Israeli faculty and fellows. Hartman’s presence in North America has been transformed from a program-based organization to a major center for research and for convening conversation, and we are now building the organizational capacity to honor this growth.

Also new in 2017, our North American research center – the engine that produces cutting-edge scholarship and ideas that animate our educational presence and populate our public intellectual thought-leadership – is excited to welcome the first-ever cohort of fellows of the David Hartman Center, an incubator of emerging talent in a robust training program for the next generation of thought-leaders in the American Jewish community.

SHI North America will continue to focus on the major questions facing the Jewish people, with an emphasis on the challenges presented by the growing schism between Israeli and Diaspora Jewry, the changing face of American Jewish identity, questions of gender equity and the ethics of Jewish leadership, and the theological and political opportunities facing Jews in the encounter with modernity.

In 2018 we are launching a new North American research group exploring the opportunities, challenges, and major questions facing the Modern Orthodox community.

This opportunity for growth has been made possible thanks to the continued support of our donors and partners, enabling us to bring intensive, compelling, and much-needed fresh thinking to a wide array of North American communities and constituencies.

Our new, 10,000-square-foot headquarters are the latest indicator in the fulfillment of the unfolding dream to create a robust presence for the Shalom Hartman Institute in North America, and we are grateful to have reached this major milestone.

You care about Israel, peoplehood, and vibrant, ethical Jewish communities. We do too.

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