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SHI Leads Program at 2018 General Assembly: ‘Home is Where the Heart is’

Shalom Hartman Institute led a roundtable and hevrutra-style study discussion on the topic, ‘Home is Where the Heart is,’ at the 2018 Jewish Federations General Assembly in Tel Aviv

‘Home is Where the Heart is’ – SHI Study Session at 2018 GA in Tel Aviv

Hartman Institute teachers and rabbis gather onstage at the 2018 JFNA General Assembly in Tel Aviv in October for our study session for 300 participants on the topic, "Home Is Where The Heart Is." See more photos below .

The Shalom Hartman Institute led an inspiring roundtable and hevrutra-style study discussion on the topic, "Home is Where the Heart Is," at the 2018 Jewish Federations General Assembly in Tel Aviv on Oct. 23 for 300 GA participants.

Rabbis from the Beit Midrah for Israeli Rabbis and other Hartman scholars led a session dealing with the concepts of home and homeland in the context of Israel-North American relations. The session brought together Israelis and North Americans of various ages and streams.

The session was managed by Rabbi Dr. Shraga Bar-On , director of the David Hartman Center for Intellectual Excellence .

"The relations between the leaders of the Jewish people depend on the possibility of developing a lively, honest, and shared dialogue on the shared values of the Jewish people," Bar-On said. "The Hartman Institute has many years of experience developing such a dialogue with diverse groups, from high school students to professional leaders and intellectuals."

The program followed the Hartman pattern of presenting and explaining classic and contemporary texts for small-group discussion. Texts included the US and Israeli national anthems, classic Jewish texts, and poetry.

"Shared and intimate study in a small group can be a platform for in-depth discussion of identity issues," Bar-On said. "With professional guidance, the group was able to get to know basic issues, to focus on important questions, and to begin to deal with the challenges of identity, both through the personal experience of each participant in the discourse, and through the use of exemplary texts from the historical literature and ideas of contemporary leaders."

The Hartman session at the GA was devoted to an open and frank discussion about the meaning of home, Jewish life in the two great homes of the Jewish people today – Israel and North America – the significance of Diaspora Jewry and the significance of the Jewish state for Israelis and Diaspora Jews.

The session fit into the GA’s 2018 theme, "Israel and the Diaspora, We Need to Talk." The GA invited Hartman to run the session.

The study began with introduction and general guidance for the study session by Bar-On and Tamar Elad-Appelbaum. After 45 minutes of study and discussion around roundtables, Dani Segal gave closing remarks.

The Institute also had an interactive booth exhibit at the GA, titled, "Project Picture It," in which participants were invited to imagine their vision of the Israel-DIaspora relationship. Click here to see the presentations created by GA attendees. 

See more pictures from the GA on the Hartman Facebook page. 

Roundtable discussions led by Hartman scholars at GA in Tel Aviv, October 2018

Tamar Elad-Appelbaum addresses the crowd at the Hartman roundtable learning session at the GA in Tel Aviv, October 2018

Hartman booth at GA in Tel Aviv, October 2018. Project "Picture It" invited participants to imagine their vision of the Israel-Diaspora relationship

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