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Religious Tolerance, Real Pluralism and ’Holy Envy‘

Opening remarks at the Shalom Hartman Institute Theology Conference in 2009
Menachem Fisch has a doctorate in history and philosophy of science from Tel Aviv University. He is the Joseph and Ceil Mazer Professor of History and Philosophy of Science, and chair of the Graduate School of Philosophy at Tel Aviv University. He has held visiting research positions at Queen’s College in Oxford, Trinity College in Cambridge, The Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, the Dibner Institute for Advanced Study in the History of Science and Technology, Massachusetts Institute

In opening remarks at the Shalom Hartman Institute Theology Conference in 2009, Prof. Menachem Fisch discussed the difference between tolerance and religious pluralism.

“Tolerance is a valuable and important virtue, but it is just as important to realize that tolerance does not promise much,” he said.

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