Reading Walzer


Reading Walzer is the first book to assess the full range of Walzer’s work. An outstanding team of international contributors consider the following topics in relation to Walzer’s work:

  • the moral standing of nation states
  • individual responsibility and laws governing the conduct of war
  • debates over intervention and non-intervention
  • human and minority rights
  • moral and cultural pluralism
  • equality
  • justice
  • Walzer’s radicalism and role as a critic.

All chapters have been specially commissioned for this collection, and Walzer’s responses to his critics makes Reading Walzer essential reading for students of political philosophy and political theory.


“”Reading Walzer is taking Walzer seriously by providing attentive reading of an inspired political thinker with inspiring political thoughts. It covers many aspects of Walzer’s thoughts not only with celebratory panache but also with critical punch. To read Michael Walzer is an aesthetic feast, to read Reading Walzer retains the flavor of reading the original.”
Avishai Margalit, Princeton University

“This Festschrift to Michael Walzer is, to the best of my knowledge, the first critical collection dedicated to his work. This may be surprising – as Naomi Sussmann’s helpful introduction demonstrates, and pace Walzer’s self-effacing claim that he has ‘generally been marginal to academic debates’ (p. 167), his contribution to these debates in the last 50 years has been remarkable. Given this lacuna, a collection of new articles from leading scholars revisiting Walzer’s writings is more than welcome.”
Lior Erez, University College London