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Montreal and the Hartman family have been intertwined since the 1960’s when David Hartman served as the rabbi of Congregation Tiferet Beit David Jerusalem (TBDJ) while simultaneously working towards his PhD at McGill University. He had a profound impact on the community which continues today through his relationships with congregants and institutions like the Akiva School which he helped to found. Many of his congregants followed him to Jerusalem when he made Aliyah in 1971.

The Hartman Institute engages community leaders in both the lay and professional realm in areas of thought leadership that relate to the complexities of the Canadian Jewish community’s relationship with Israel. These conversations and deep learning provide leaders with confidence and competence to address pressing questions of 21st century Jewish life in North America.

Our goals include strengthening Jewish peoplehood, identity, and pluralism; enhancing the Jewish and democratic character of Israel; and ensuring that Judaism is a compelling force for good in the 21st century.

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Feb 16, 2024

Elana Stein Hain, Lisa Grushcow, Lionel Moses, Eric Grossman

How can we instill and sustain deep Jewish identity and a sense of obligation to carry forward our Jewish tradition?

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