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Midrashiya High School for Girls


Established in Jerusalem in 2007, the Midrashiya has successfully implemented an educational vision that fuses Jewish tradition and learning, an obligation to halachah, and feminist ideology. The school curriculum is designed to nurture public and personal identity, encourage meaningful academic and community achievements, and develop a deep understanding of Judaism, Israel, and the world.

The Midrashiya aims to develop the personal identity of each student through a variety of programs that encourage knowledgeable and confident engagement with tradition and the modern world. A dedication to female empowerment permeates the school’s beit midrash study, prayer, physical education, and community involvement.

In an unprecedented move by the Israeli Ministry of Education, the Midrashiya was given a mandate to independently develop its Orthodox feminist curriculum for use as the model for Orthodox girls’ high schools nationwide. The success of the Midrashiya’s educational program and the resulting interest in it have been infectious. Academic teams from around the country are turning to the Midrashiya for training on how to use its innovative curriculum to empower the next generation of Orthodox women leaders.

The Midrashiya is a leader in religious feminist education with a focus on beit midrash study, women’s evolving role in religious ritual, physical wellness, social action, and encounters with the “other.” Midrashiya programs inspire students to use religious values to inform their leadership in religious and secular life:

  • The Experiential Religious Feminist Social Action Program teaches students to apply religious feminist values to all aspects of their lives through community service, study, and reflection.
  • An enhanced math and science program empowers girls to excel in fields traditionally dominated by men, giving them increased confidence and a well-rounded capacity for leadership.
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