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iEngage: Together and Apart

Through video lectures, interviews, and textual sources, this 14-unit course addresses the complex features of Jewish peoplehood and the contemporary challenges to the Jewish people in an era in which we have moved from having no home to having two different, vibrant, homes in Israel and in North America.

Today we face new challenges to our unity including nationalism, antisemitism, dual loyalty, and identity politics. More than with video lectures and interviews, textual sources and a leader’s guide – we consider what it means to be a member of the Jewish people, the core values that animate Jewish peoplehood, and the contemporary challenges to Jewish unity.

The curriculum examines the forces dividing the Jewish people today, including nationalism, antisemitism, dual-loyalty, and identity politics; and it imagines new conceptual frameworks that can help sustain and grow the story of our people for a new millennium.

Video Lecture Series

Videos: Each session in this course on Hartman Online includes a 20-25 minute lecture by senior Hartman iEngage faculty and a 20-25 minute series of interviews with faculty, rabbis, and public intellectuals.
Sourcebooks: Each chapter in the sourcebook includes relevant primary sources and readings for the lecture. PDF of sourcebook available for download on Hartman Online.
Leaders Guides: Video leader’s guide includes explanations for course leaders from Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartman on the themes of each unit. Written leader’s guide contains a comprehensive outline of each lecture, recommended study questions for primary sources, and discussion questions for each unit. Video and written leader’s guides available for download on Hartman Online.
Cost: $500, includes online access to course videos, PDF of the sourcebook, and leader’s guides.

Unit Titles:

Unit 1: From No Home to Two Homes
Unit 2: The Judaism of Being
Unit 3: The Judaism of Becoming
Unit 4: On Universalism and Particularism
Unit 5: Between Nationalism, Ultra-Nationalism, and Fascism
Unit 6: The Moral Implications of Jewish Nationalism
Unit 7: The Israeli Nation-State Law
Unit 8: Antisemitism as a Divisive Force
Unit 9: Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism
Unit 10: The Accusation and Dilemma of Dual Loyalties
Unit 11: “What’s Good for the Jews?” Identity Politics in North America
Unit 12: From Family to Consumer
Unit 13: Shared Believers, Partners and Investors
Unit 14: At-Homeness

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