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Empowering a generation of emerging Israeli leaders to shape the Jewish democratic discourse.

Program Overview

Hazon is a cutting-edge training program for university students eager to become change agents in Israel. The name Hazon (vision) captures the visionary work of the program; Hazon provides leadership tools and training, grounded in a clearly articulated vision of a Jewish democratic Israel.


Outstanding students from diverse political, religious, ethnic, and ideological backgrounds in their third year of academic study or higher are eligible to participate in the three-year program. Participants have demonstrated leadership skills, a background in activism and social engagement, and a deep commitment to nurturing and fortifying a Jewish and democratic Israeli society.

Over three years, the program will train 300 university students on four Israeli campuses to assume public leadership positions and shape the Jewish democratic discourse in the public, political, cultural, intellectual, social, and religious spheres. Participants develop a language of leadership that highlights shared values and embraces ideological diversity, laying the groundwork for a society anchored in justice, equality, pluralism, and mutual responsibility. The Pioneer Cohort (Hazon Halutz) launched during the Israel-Hamas war, before the beginning of the delayed academic year; the remaining groups started at the beginning of the school year, for a total of 100 students in the first year of the program.

Campus Facilitators

  • Haifa: Ayalon Eidelstein (Beeri)
  • Jerusalem: Rivki Rozner (Maskilot, Ofakim)
  • Be’er Sheva: Michal Zamir (Rabbanut Yisralit)
  • Jerusalem Halutz, Tel Aviv: Shachar Fisher (Rabbanut Yisralit)


The Hazon curriculum challenges students to acquire and develop a language and vision for a liberal Jewish democratic society and empower them as future leaders. It revolves around three core units: Liberal Zionist Identity: Challenges Following the War, Shared Israeli Narrative: The Tribes of Israel in the Post-War Era, and the Israel of Tomorrow: Liberal Judaism and Israeli Society.

Alumni Network

As they complete their training, students from all four campuses will come together to form a national Hazon Alumni Activism Network to ensure that they move from learning to doing. By encouraging and guiding them as they complete their learning, they will move toward deeper engagement in their leadership roles.

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