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Israeli David Hartman Center Fellows

Training the next generation of Jewish thought leaders to inspire a meaningful, values-based Judaism.


David Hartman Center Fellows are emerging academic talent, pushing young scholars from across the country to apply their research to the big questions facing Jewish life in Israel today.

These exceptional individuals, academics in the advanced doctoral or immediate post-doctoral stages, gain a deeper understanding of Hartman methodology and the evolving Jewish landscape, and learn how to generate and communicate the great ideas that Judaism needs to thrive.

Current Cohort

David Hartman Center Fellow

Research Fellow

Research Fellow

David Hartman Center Fellow

Bay Area Scholar in Residence

David Hartman Center Fellow

David Hartman Center Fellow

Co-Leader, Israeli Rabbis Network and Research Fellow

Who We Are

Vice President and Director of the Kogod Research Center and the David Hartman Center for Intellectual Excellence

Administrative Director, Kogod Research Center and David Hartman Center

Contact Us​

For questions contact Tsofia Vindish, Administrative Director for the David Hartman Center
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