Photo Credits for ‘Israel’s Milestones and their Meanings’ Video Lecture Series

"Israel’s Milestones and their Meanings: The Legacy of the Past and the Challenge of the Future"

Photo credits for images on the series’s graphics

From top to bottom


Yad Vashem Archive
Government Press Office (GPO), David Rubinger
GPO, Eric Matson
GPO, Ya’cov Sa’ar
GPO, Eli Landau
GPO, Moshe Milner
GPO, Aryeh Kanper
GPO, Ram Lahover
GPO, Avi Ohayon
GPO, Ilan Bruner
GPO, Mark Neyman
GPO, Mark Neyman
Ray Noam,
The British National Archives 1929
Tag Meir, Yossi Zamir
Tag Meir, Yossi Zamir

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