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Shveiky Fishman

Head of Educational Tours, Director of Administration on Israeli Programs

Meirav Shveiky Fishman is Head of Educational Tours and Director of Administration of the Tanach Initiative and the Hitkansut project. She develops and produces educational tours for North American program participants in Israel, groups of rabbis, Jewish community leaders, Christian, Muslims, campus professionals, students, and others.

She is part of the Bible Initiative team – a program for the empowerment of Bible teachers at the Hartman Institute, coordinates and facilitates the Hitkansut L’Yom Hashoah ritual – a personal and experiential circle inviting participants to take an active part in the memory of Holocaust.

Meirav is working at the Hartman Institute since 2007, and in previous positions was part of a team developing content for seminars for senior IDF officers and security forces. Meirav has over 15 years of experience working with Jewish nonprofits such as the Mendel Foundation, the Anti-Defamation League and the Israel National Found.

Meirav has a master’s degree in Pluralistic Jewish Education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and HUC and a BA in Jewish Philosophy and Art History.

Meirav Shveiky Fishman is the eighth generation for her family in Jerusalem, married to Yossi and a mother to a son and two daughters.

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