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Havruta Havruta


Jul 22, 2010

Havruta No. 4 / Winter 2010 - The Business of Ethics

Feb 17, 2010

Havruta Archive - No. 3 - The Spiritual Quest: Myth, Mysticism and Meaning

Jun 16, 2009

Does the Bible see man as free, as a sovereign and autonomous being? From the very beginning, the answer is less than clear-cut

Jun 15, 2009

Havruta journal editor Stuart Schoffman previews the third issue, ‘The Spiritual Quest’

Jun 7, 2009

The Significance of Israel for the Future of Judaism, By David Hartman; The Tribes of Israel: Jewish Identities in the Jewish State, By Donniel Hartman, and more

Feb 25, 2009

Now on sale, the second issue of Havruta, a Journal of Jewish Conversation, with the theme, Israel at 60: Judaism and Democracy in the Old-New Land

Jan 12, 2009

The profound historical necessity of a renewed Jewish state was finally comprehended by the world and its remaining Jews only after millions were murdered by a Judeophobic madman and his ostensibly rational apprentices

Jan 8, 2009

I find the notion of letting non-Jews formulate a definition of ‘Who is a Jew’ morally intolerable. I will not have someone else define my identity for me

Jan 8, 2009

A halakhic basis for patrilineal descent exists. It only applied in a specific sovereign Jewish entity, where it was assumed that any non-Jewish woman who married a Jewish man would be brought into the prevailing culture

Sep 22, 2008

Given the concerns of today’s Jewish world, it is worth pondering the messages and paradoxes of Emma Lazarus’s first published essay on a Jewish subject, “Was the Earl of Beaconsfield a Representative Jew?”

Aug 6, 2008

Hierarchy of gender in Jewish tradition collides head-on with a democratic and egalitarian worldview; The equality of women recognized by the laws of the state clashes sharply with the picture painted in traditional Jewish sources

Jul 10, 2008

Tau teaches that the State of Israel is itself sacred to a degree, and must be loyally served and protected, and his unusual and creative analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has generated great interest among some Israelis - and concern among others

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The End of Policy Substance in Israel Politics