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Noahide Laws and the Religious Community

Lecture Title: Noahide Laws and the Religious Community

Lecturer: Eli Schonfeld

Lecture Sources

(Click on highlighted links to view the original source material)

1. Babylonian Talmud Tractate Sanhedrin 56a-56b  English here

2. Maimonides, Shoftim, Kings and Wars, Ch. 8-10   English here

3. Moses Mendelsohn: Jerusalem, translateb by Allan Arkush, Bransdeis University Press, p. 94-121

4. Moses Mendelsohn: Jerusalem and other Jewish Writings, translateb by Alfred Jospe, Schoken Books, p. 114-121

5. Benedict De Spinoza, A Theologico-Political Treatise and a Political Treatise, translated by R.H. M. Elwes, Dover Publications, Inc. New York, p.78-81

6. Elijah Benamozegh, Israel and Humanity, translated by Maxwell Luria, Paulist Press, New York, pg. 256-261 (links to text in French)

7. Herman Cohen, Religion of Reason out of the Sources of Judaism, translated by Simon Kpalan, Frederick Ungar Publishing Co. New York, pg. 121-124, pg. 149-150

Program: International Philosophy Conference

Program Year: 2010

Program Theme: Expanding the Religious Community

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