No. 56: American Zionism is at a Crossroads

Yehuda Kurtzer and guest Ethan Tucker reflect on the long-term development of American Zionism and the way forward for the American Jewish community.

In this episode, Ethan Tucker (Hadar Institute) joins host Yehuda Kurtzer to discuss and reflect on American Zionism’s long-term development and generational differences in the response to this moment of crisis. What are they grounded in? What has changed? And what is the way forward for the American Jewish community?

Identity/Crisis: The Ideas Behind the News is a podcast of the Shalom Hartman Institute.

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Launched in early 2020, Identity/Crisis is a weekly roundtable podcast that explores the ideas behind the news hosted by Shalom Hartman Institute of North America President Yehuda Kurtzer. Episodes cover a wide range of topics and feature experts and content related to news and current events.

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