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New Beit Midrash: Digital and Beyond

The beit midrash and the classroom will always be the principal sites of transformative Jewish study; it will just look a lot different tomorrow than before.
Maital Friedman is the Vice President of Communications and Creative at the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America, where she shapes strategy for the Institute’s public voice, programming, and engagement and oversees the Marketing Communications and Hartman Digital teams. For over five years, Maital led SHI North America’s intergroup initiatives with a strong focus on the Muslim Leadership Initiative with colleagues Yossi Klein Halevi and Imam Abdullah Antepli. Prior to joining Hartman, Maital served as

David Zvi Kalman

“For decades, even centuries, the beit midrash, and by extension the classroom, has been the central place where people gather to study together. Because of this, they have served as the most important centers for the transmission of Jewish ideas. In this digital age, where ideas proliferate on numerous platforms and in a variety of formats, Jewish learning must also reach beyond the beit midrash.

There are good reasons that the beit midrash has been central for so long. It’s pedagogically unmatched for intensive educational experiences, group conversations, forming relationships with peers and teachers and for cohort-based learning. Because the beit midrash is so crucial, Jewish education has long revolved around it: teachers spend years honing their classroom skills, intensive educational programs are built around and online resources for creating source sheets are blossoming.”

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