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Masa iEngage Fellows Program 2015

A cohort of Masa Program participants in Israel are learning iEngage at the Instituate in Jerusalem as part of a six-part series.


January 5 saw the start of a six-part iEngage series for a select group of Masa program participants in Israel. The cohort of twenty— who all completed a Masa Leaders Seminar —have all completed their undergraduate studies and are on programs such as Israel Teachers Fellows, Israel Government Fellows, and masters programs at Tel Aviv University.
Michal Hartman opened the first meeting on the topic of From Crisis to Covenant with a discussion on Talmudic texts that reflect on pluralism, tolerance, and deviance that will accompany them throughout the entire seminar.   Yehuda Kurtzer followed with a session Beyond Crisis: Framing a New Conversation About Israel. Donniel Hartman then spoke to the group about The Boundaries of Criticism around Israel.
The evening ended with a roundtable discussion in which Michal asked each of the participants to share one take from the evening. A range of responses were offered, among them, many mentioned the "daunting task" of seeing Israel through a new narrative.
The next session will feature Elana Stein Hain on the topic of Power and Powerlessness. Michal Hartman will peruse Ruach Tzahal, and an IDF officer will talk about the challenges and use of power in the army.

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