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Magic of the Mishna Now Available for Israeli Secular High Schools

Book is part of series of Judaic studies volumes aimed at secular school students in Israel

Shalom Hartman Institute, which runs the Be’eri program for the rennaissance of high-level instruction of Judaism in Israeli schools, is proud to present a new book geared at secular middle school students. Click here or on the image above to order the book.
"Magic of the Mishna" ("Kesem Hamishna") is part of a series known in Hebrew as "Kesem" – a Hebrew acronym for "Readings in Miraculous Literature" – and is aimed at students in secular middle schools.
"Magic of the Mishna" contains a variety of portions of the Mishna from the orders: Moed (Festivals), Nezikin (Damages) and Zeraim (Seeds).
The book opens a small window for students into the world of halakha (Jewish law), ideas, language and personalities reflected in the Mishna, one of the classic and most important books on the Jewish bookshelf. 
Israel operates religious and secular school systems, as well as a third stream for the ultra-Orthodox. In recent years, the Hartman Institute has been developing programs of Judaic Studies enrichment for the secular school system, including Be’eri  ("my well") for secular high school students .
Separate from its advancement programs for secular schools, Hartman Institute operates the religiously oriented  Charles E. Smith High School for Boys and Midrashiya  Girls High School.

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