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Into the Fullness of the Void

A Spiritual Autobiography
Jewish Lights
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A spiritual journey―both deeply personal and strikingly universal.

One of Israel’s leading cultural figures, Dov Elbaum grew up in an ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem family, and was a prodigy who seemed destined for greatness in the world of Talmud study. But in his late teens, he abruptly broke away and set off into secular Israeli society.

In this fascinating, courageous and compelling autobiography, Elbaum seeks to understand his decision and its consequences. With the structure of Kabbalah as his road map, Elbaum journeys into the deep recesses of his self and his soul. The ultimate goal of his journey is “the Void,” a Kabbalistic space that precedes God’s creation of the world, and a psychological state that precedes our formation as individuals. It is a space of great vulnerability but also of hope for rebirth and renewal.

This is an intimate, honest, revealing work, both deeply personal and strikingly universal. The Hebrew edition was a bestseller and sold over 50,000 copies.


“With rare sincerity, from within his own sufferings and revelations woven into carefully selected ancient texts, Elbaum peels away worn-out expressions and summons us to dare to enter into the mist of the Sacred, to follow our ancestors into the Void in the quest for God, for faith, for life.”
Rabbi Tamar Elad-Appelbaum, vice-president Masorti Rabbinical Assembly

“[From] one of the great Jewish visionaries of our time, [a] stunning and unique … Kabbalistic map for all of our inner journeys.”
Yossi Klein Halevi, senior fellow, Shalom Hartman Institute

“Elbaum, a relentless God-wrestler, shares his high and low states while teaching applied Kabbalah and the flow of the Jewish year. Will stimulate you … to look deeply into your inner life.”
Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi

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