iEngage Webinar 2: Controversial Legislation in the Knesset
Dr. Tal Becker discusses recent Knesset legislation debates from a Jewish values perspective

Major Challenges Facing Israel through a Jewish Values-Based Lens
A Shalom Hartman Institute iEngage Project perspective on Israeli current events
"Controversial Legislation in the Israeli Knesset," recorded Dec. 19, 2011, in Jerusalem. More than 200 watched and listened to the live webcast.

Dr. Tal Becker is a fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute, an International Associate at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and a member of the Hartman Institute’s Engaging Israel Project.
From 2006-2009, Dr. Becker served as senior policy advisor to Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and was a lead negotiator in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations during the Annapolis peace process. Click here to read his full biography.
Yossi Klein Halevi is a Fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute and a contributing editor to The New Republic. Click here to read his full biography.

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