iEngage Student Seminar – Hillel Directors FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (Hillel Directors)

What are the dates of the trip?

The trip runs December 23 – December 29, 2021. You should plan to arrive in Israel on December 22 to accommodate Covid-19 testing and a potential short quarantine at the hotel. The program begins at 9:00 am on December 23. It will conclude no later than 2:30 pm on December 29.

What does the student registration fee include?

Registration fee includes all costs incurred while in Israel – travel to and from Ben Gurion Airport, room and board at the Prima Kings Hotel, and the cost of the program. It does NOT include airfare. Accompanying staff do not pay a registration fee.

Do Hillels send a staff person?

For groups of 6 or more students, a Hillel staff person will accompany them. Campuses sending less than 6 students will participate in cohorts organized and facilitated by Hartman staff. For campuses not sending a cohort, individual students can apply here.

What is the content of the trip?

Students will be studying new iEngage content that has been developed by our faculty and research team to respond to the shifting reality and discourse around Israel since May 2021.

What is the typical day like? Are there activities?

Most days are spent at the Hartman Institute’s campus in Jerusalem. While there, students learn from Hartman Faculty, have campus-based processing and reflections sessions, and opportunities to discuss issues related to Israel with each other. 

There are multiple opportunities for tiyulim (field trips) where students will have the opportunity to visit sites related to topics of study. 

How should I choose the students who go on the trip?

Choosing the students is completely up to the Hillel Director. Most campuses interview students to select the cohort, and most are sophomores and juniors, though freshman and seniors have participated. The Hartman Institute plays no role in selecting students, we only invite students that campuses choose to register. If you need help thinking through which students might be the best fit for this program, we are happy to consult. Please reach out to Danielle Kranjec, Director of Campus Initiatives.