IACT Learning Initiative

A learning course for IACT Coordinators in partnership with Hillel International’s IACT team

IACT Learning Initiative

The Shalom Hartman Institute is partnering with Hillel International’s IACT Team to provide a learning course for IACT Coordinators.

IACT Coordinators are dedicated specialists placed at 29 Hillels on college campuses across the country, representing 20% of all college students. They are responsible for Birthright recruitment and engagement on their campuses and routinely interact with hundreds of college students each year, building their relationship to Israel and Jewish Peoplehood.

IACT Coordinators will study a variety of topics with the Shalom Hartman Institute, including Jewish Peoplehood, Theology, and iEngage. Through their learning with Hartman, IACT Coordinators gain:

  • Confidence and competence around key ideas in American Jewish life.
  • Increased comfort with, and competency in, engaging in discourse on Jewish texts.
  • Improved ability to engage in similar conversations with small groups of students.