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‘Hartman Institute Promotes New Take on the Israel Diaspora Relationship’

eJewishPhilanthropy details development of Engaging Israel project, new website

(Abigail Pickus, eJewishPhilanthropy.com, Sep. 22, 2011)
eJewishPhilanthropy, a widely read website that follows developments in the Jewish organizational world, posted a lengthy article on the Hartman Institute’s Engaging Israel Project and the project’s new website, which launched Sep. 13, 2011:  
Led by a team of international scholars in the fields of Jewish studies, Middle East politics and history, the Engaging Israel project’s goal is to encourage Jews to re-examine core questions connected to the Jewish State to re-define the relationship between the two communities.
The impetus behind the project is an unprecedented era in Jewish history in which a strong and powerful Israel and a secure Jewish minority in North America have replaced the longstanding “crisis narrative” grounded in existential threats that has sustained the Jewish people for centuries.
With the centrality of Israel no longer self-evident and the rise of a younger generation that does not necessarily feel an automatic allegiance to the Jewish State, what has emerged are “two equally vibrant Jewish communities living side by side: one in Israel and one outside of Israel.”
“The conversation about Israel has become very reactive, rooted in a post-Holocaust narrative of crisis and survival. The premise of the Engaging Israel Project is to move beyond that and to cultivate a healthy dialogue about Israel – both among Diaspora Jews and also between Israel and world Jewry – that includes a diverse range of opinions, giving a seat at the table to anyone who feels invested in Israel,” said Rabbi Julia Andelman, the project’s North American Director.

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