Haggadahs You Should Know

Short video series exploring different themes of the Pesach hagaddah from personal perspectives.

Hagaddahs You Should Know is a short video series where scholars explore themes of the Pesach haggadah. In this first video, Rabbi Mishael Zion reflects on lessons learned from seder during Covid-19. Other videos in the series include:

  • Rabbi Noga Brenner Samia talks about why we drink exactly four cups of wine at the Seder
  • Lana Zilberman Soloway teaches about the self-reflection we do when we ask questions
  • Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom reflects on how his experience leaving Ethiopia as a child to come to Jerusalem parallels the Exodus from Egypt
  • Raba Keren Apfelbaum-Riff talks about freedom from slavery and the freedom of choice

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