Haggadahs You Should Know

Short video series exploring different themes of the Pesach hagaddah from personal perspectives.
Mishael Zion, Noga Brenner Samia, Lana Zilberman Soloway, Sharon Shalom, Keren Apfelbaum-Riff
Mishael Zion is Faculty of the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America and the Director of the Mandel Leadership Institute’s Program for Leadership in Israeli Jewish Culture. He is also a fellow in the Kogod Research Center. He served as co-Director and rabbi of the Bronfman Fellowships, a leadership program for outstanding young Jewish people in Israel and North America. Together with his father, Noam Zion, he is the author of Halaila Hazeh: An Israeli

Noga Brenner Samia

Lana Zilberman Soloway

Sharon Shalom

Keren Apfelbaum-Riff

Hagaddahs You Should Know is a short video series where scholars explore themes of the Pesach haggadah. In this first video, Rabbi Mishael Zion reflects on lessons learned from seder during Covid-19. Other videos in the series include:

  • Rabbi Noga Brenner Samia talks about why we drink exactly four cups of wine at the Seder
  • Lana Zilberman Soloway teaches about the self-reflection we do when we ask questions
  • Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom reflects on how his experience leaving Ethiopia as a child to come to Jerusalem parallels the Exodus from Egypt
  • Raba Keren Apfelbaum-Riff talks about freedom from slavery and the freedom of choice

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