From Left to Right…and Every­thing in Between

Yehuda Kurtzer and Nancy Sinkoff discuss the impor­tance of Jew­ish polit­i­cal diversity and her new book, the Natan Notable Book of Fall 2020.

Politics seems to be invading our lives at every turn. Media and social media polarize us, framing debates as “us vs them,” “right vs left,” and even “good vs evil.” And while it’s comforting (and increasingly easy) to talk to only like-minded individuals, making room for differing opinions–ones that are based on careful and informed consideration–is essential to an open, healthy society. This is true among American Jews no less than among any other Americans, as conversations about the need for “diversity” increasingly seem to ignore the reality of political diversity.

Join Yehuda Kurtzer and Nancy Sinkoff for a fascinating dive into this thorny issue and a discussion of Nancy’s book From Left to Right: Lucy S. Daw­id­ow­icz, the New York Intel­lec­tu­als, and the Pol­i­tics of Jew­ish History, selected as the Fall 2020 Natan Notable Book. The conversation was moderated by Felicia Herman.

Co-sponsored by the Natan Fund and the Jewish Book Council.

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