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Sample Curriculum Materials

Sample instructor video, podcast, and class for the Foundations for a Thoughtful Judaism curriculum.
Joel Filipe/Unsplash
Joel Filipe/Unsplash

Sample Instructor Video

This video of Elana Stein Hain accompanies Class 1, “Pathways to Faith” of Unit 1 “Understanding Faith” in the Faith volume of Foundations for a Thoughtful Judaism.

Sample Podcast

Podcast: Complex Relationships with God and Dynamism in a Life of Faith
What are the ups and down of a life of faith? How does one continue to connect when one feels distant? In this conversation, moderated by Elana Stein Hain, Melila Hellner-Eshed and Shraga Bar-On speak about the dynamics of a life of faith. Melila and Shraga address their own experiences of living with faith, including discussions about what faith is, how they strengthen and foster their own spirituality, as well as the relationship between seeking and dwelling.

Sample Class

Click image above to see sample class from the Faith volume, “Pathways to Faith.”

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