Foundations Background Readings
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Engaging Israel: Foundations for a New Relationship Video Lecture Series Background Readings

LECTURE 1: From Crisis to Covenant

2. David Hartman: The Significance of Israel for the Future of Judaism

3. Donniel Hartman: Engaging Israel: Beyond Advocacy

4. Donniel Hartman: The New Rules of Engagement

LECTURE 2: Religion and Peoplehood

14. Steven Cohen & Jack Wertheimer: Whatever Happened to the Jewish People

15. Joseph Soloveitchik: Kol Dodi Dofek: It Is the Voice of My Beloved That Knocketh

LECTURE 3: Sovereignty and Identity

20. David Ben Gurion: The Imperatives of the Jewish Revolution

21. Eliezer Berkovits: On the Return to Jewish National Life

LECTURE 4: Power and Powerlessness

16. Abraham Joshua Heschel: No Time for Neutrality

17. Ruth Wisse: The Contradictions of Jewish Power

LECTURE 5: War and Occupation

15. David Hartman: Living with Conflicting Values

16. Noam Zohar: War and Peace

17. Michael Walzer: Just and Unjust Wars

LECTURE 6: Morality on the Battlefield

2. Donniel Hartman: Fighting a Just War against Hamas Justly

LECTURE 7: Jewish and Democratic State

11. Alexander Yakobson: Jewish Peoplehood and the Jewish State, How Unique? A Comparative Survey

12. Ruth Gavison: The Jewish State, A Justification

13. Menachem Lorberbaum: Religion and State in Israel

LECTURE 8: Religious Pluralism and Human Rights

12-18. Various Sources

19. David Hartman: Israel’s Responsibility for World Jewry: Reflections on Debate about the Conversion Law

20. Moshe Halbertal: Human Rights and Membership Rights in the Jewish Tradition

LECTURE 9:  Values Nation

12. Martin Buber: The Spiritual Center

13. Martin Buber: The Zionist Idea

14. David Hartman: Widening the Scope of Covenantal Consciousness

15. David Hartman: The Third Jewish Commonwealth

16. Daniel Elazar: The Peace Process and the Jewishness of the Jewish State

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