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Walking in Israel’s Shoes

How can American Jews better understand Israeli society? The first in a 3-part series exploring the complex nature of the Israel-U.S. Jewish relationship.
May 12, 2022


Los Angeles

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©John Theodor/stock.adobe.com
May 12, 2022
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Stephen Wise Temple
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Los Angeles, CA
Region: Los Angeles

Walking in Israel’s Shoes: How Can American Jews Better Understand Israeli Society?

Israel is a complex Middle Eastern democracy with a unique cultural mosaic. American Jews often struggle to grasp Israel’s societal and political dynamics as they are so different from our own lens of experience. Is it fair to engage, criticize or take sides from afar?

What are the conversations we can and should have among ourselves, how do we speak about Israel outside of the Jewish community, and how do we speak about Israel to our children? 

This program is the first in a 3-part series How Do We Talk About Israel:  Engaging American Jews in Critical Conversations About Israel, Zionism, and Antisemitism presented by American Jewish Committee Los Angeles, the Shalom Hartman Institute, and Stephen Wise Temple. Together we will explore the complex nature of the Israel-U.S. Jewish relationship, and seek to facilitate the expansion of our understanding of what it means to have meaningful, nuanced, and deep awareness of the issues. 


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