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Legal Visions for Religious Pluralism and Civic Responsibility

What is the next chapter for the intersection of American law, religion, and education, and what are the implications for American Jews and Jewish education?
Mar 06, 2024


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Mar 06, 2024
07:15 pm - 08:30 PM ET
06:15 pm - 07:30 pm CT
05:15 pm - 06:30 pm MT
04:15 pm - 05:30 pm PT
02:15 am - 03:30 am ISRAEL
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Across America, there are battles in schools over which values will be represented in the curriculum and over the ability of parents to control the religious upbringing of their children. Significant changes in the Supreme Court leave important questions around the place of religion in education on the immediate horizon. Join Tamara Mann Tweel for a conversation with Avi Helfand, Hartman senior fellow and professor at Pepperdine Law and visiting professor at Yale Law School, about the role of religious liberty and Jewish advocacy in American educational settings. What is the next chapter for the intersection of American law, religion, and education and what are the implications, challenges and opportunities for American Jews and Jewish education  


Educating Towards Love of Country: Legal, Philosophical, and Social Lenses
How should our communities and society educate toward a love of country in an age of brokenness, broken heartedness, and at a time when a unifying vision for the country is absent? What roles do Jewish education, Jewish values, and Jewish identity play in cultivating a North American Jewish civic-mindedness? A series of armchair conversations exploring the challenges and opportunities of educating for citizenship, patriotism, and dissent in this moment.

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