Community Life

Hevruta participants live together in a building in Jerusalem’s Katamonim neighborhood, with the aim of modeling a community life that brings together members with diverse worldviews. Within the framework of the program, participants are exposed to a wide array of historical, social, religious and political perspectives, through tours, trips, cultural events, and other activities that promote independence and community life.

Many of the activities are aimed at strengthening group dynamics within the Hevruta cohort, by means of open discourse and dialogue. These activities include informal evenings planned and initiated by participants, participant-led lessons, and shared events at the beginning and end of each week.

As part of an approach that seeks to introduce participants to a multi-cultural, diverse and complex reality, the program includes meaningful encounters with different cultural and social figures from Jerusalem and other cities and regions.

Participants travel across the country to experience Israeli society and Israel’s beautiful landscapes. Tiyulim include educational series’ that integrate overnight outdoor treks and encounters with the locals. Participants are exposed to different forms of settlement and a variety of lifestyles. In addition, participants take part in a seminar dedicated to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, aimed at cultivating a deep understanding of the complexities that characterize it, at challenging presuppositions and prejudices, and at practicing acceptance and respect towards the other.