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Passover in the Time of Corona

Rabbinic webinar for Passover 5780
Dr. Channa Pinchasi is Deputy Director of Be’eri and Director of the Be’eri School for Teacher Education at the Shalom Hartman Institute. She is a member of the inaugural graduating class of the Institute’s Maskilot program. She received her PhD in gender studies from Bar-Ilan University, where her thesis offered a feminist interpretation of Midrash Eicha Rabba. From 2001-2004, Channa was a representative of the Education Department of the Jewish Agency in Canada. Upon returning to

In this Pesach rabbinic webinar, Channa Pinchasi discusses “herut,” ideas of dependence and freedom and what they look like as we look to the Festival of Liberation during a global pandemic.

(Hebrew with English subtitles. See below for full version without subtitles)

שיעור קצר מאת ד”ר חנה פנחסי ממכון הרטמן על המתח המובנה בחג הפסח: בין חירות לשיעבוד, בין מסורת לשאלות

קיומיות, בין כאב ומוות לבין שמחה ותקווה

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