Between Mystery and the Rational: Several Paths to the Mountain

What are the social and political implications of faith in society?

Joshua Ladon explores different ways Jewish thinkers, modern and ancient, understood how one becomes aware of the Divine. These include the use of rational logic, meditation, exploration of nature, traditional text study, and contemplation of the unexplained. In exploring these different models, he illuminates varying Jewish pathways to faith.

In this three-part series, God in an Age of Certainty and Instability, Joshua Ladon explores Jewish faith today: we live in a paradoxical moment where certainty and instability feel simultaneously rampant. War, climate catastrophe, political partisanship, economic uncertainty, antisemitism – the list is long – create legitimate fears about our lives and our futures. Yet our leaders (political, religious, societal) speak in absolute soundbites. And through our digital technologies we feel like the ultimate protagonists – powerful, invincible, in full control of our destinies. To catalyze an engaged, robust, pluralistic Judaism, we require fluency in Jewish God-language. Our study of faith will serve our souls while inspiring us to strengthen society.

Other sessions in the series:

This program is part of Ideas for Today, curated courses by Hartman Institute scholars on the big Jewish ideas we need to think better and do better.

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