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A Letter to Alan Feld

Outgoing Chair of the Be‘eri Steering Committee

Dear Alan,

During the many years of your involvement with Be’eri as a friend, supporter, mentor, and leader, we saw the program become a central movement in the Israeli educational system.
Now, we stand at the forefront of pluralistic Jewish educational thought and activity on a scale we could only have dreamed of when we began our journey together.  The wisdom, sensitivity, and constructive criticism with which you helped us to direct the program as chairperson of the Be’eri Steering Committee, have been central in enabling us to realize our joint goal. Your continual support and encouragement have given us the strength to move forward and never stop creating.

Our sages teach: " ?ֹ? ?ָ?ֶ??ָ ?ַ?ְּ?ָ??ָ? ?ִ?ְ??ֹ?, ?ְ?ֹ? ?ַ?ָּ? ?ֶ? ??ֹ?ִ?? ?ִ?ָּ?ֵ? ?ִ?ֶּ?ָּ?”
"You are not required to complete the task, yet you are not free to withdraw from it"
We are confident that you will continue to walk with us for years to come.
In recognition of the vital role you have and continue to play in the Be’eri program, we have created the Feld-Fisher scholarship, which will enable the graduate of a Be’eri high school to participate in Hevruta, the Hartman Institute pre-army/gap-year program. The scholarship will be awarded annually to an outstanding Be’eri graduate in need of financial assistance.

Be’eri is pleased to welcome Mr. Igal Jusidman, CEO of Keren Daniel as the incoming chairperson of the Be’eri Steering Committee. Keren Daniel has been a significant partner and supporter of the Be’eri program since 2010, and has been instrumental in founding the Be’er Sheva and Karmiel branches of the School for Teacher Education, and in developing the Be’er Sheva and Nazereth Ilit municipal partnerships. We thank Igal and Keren Daniel for their support and look forward to continuing this important journey together.

Dani Elazar, Ariel Picard, Rani Jaeger and The Be’eri Team


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