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A Heart of Many Rooms

Celebrating the Many Voices within Judaism
Jewish Lights
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“This work is not addressed only to scholars of Judaism or theologians, but also, and primarily, to all Jews and non-Jews who would like to share the thoughts and struggles of a person who loves Torah and Halakhah, who is committed to helping make room for and celebrate the religious and cultural diversity present in the modern world, and who believes that a commitment to Israel and to Jewish particularity must be organically connected to the rabbinic teaching, ‘Beloved are all human beings created in the image of God.'”
―from the Introduction

With clarity, passion and outstanding scholarship, David Hartman addresses the spiritual and theological questions that face all Jews and all people today. From the perspective of traditional Judaism, he helps us understand the varieties of twentieth-century Jewish practice and shows that commitment to both Jewish tradition and to pluralism can create bridges of understanding between people of different religious convictions.


“This is a book that ought to be read by everyone who is seriously interested in Judaism, or, for that matter, in what it means to be a religious person in a pluralistic age.”
Hilary Putnam, Cogan University Professor, Harvard University


“In A Heart of Many Rooms David Hartman has given us that rarest of phenomena, an internal Jewish dialogue between the voices of tradition and modernity, Orthodoxy and Reform, religion and secularity, skepticism and faith. Thoughtful, provocative, imaginative in its reach, generous in its embrace, this is a work to challenge and enlarge us all.”

Professor Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of Britain and the Commonwealth

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