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2009 Theology Conference Public Lecture Honors Memory of Krister Stendahl

Topic of ‘Holy Envy’ to be addressed by Paula Fredriksen, Jesper Svartvik, Shiraz Hijiani. Rabbi Prof. David Hartman will give a personal note during the evening

The Edward Bronfman Annual Lecture at the Shalom Hartman Institute International Theology Conference this year is being held Tuesday, February 24, 2009, in memory of theologian Krister Stendahl , who died in 2008.   

Krister Stendahl (L), at Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel

The topic is, "Holy Envy," and speakers are  Paula Fredriksen, Jesper Svartvik and Shiraz Hijiani. Rabbi Prof. David Hartman will give what is being described as a "personal note" during the evening. Conference director Prof. Menachem Fisch is the evening’s moderator. The lecture is the one public event of the annual theology conference.
The conference’s title is "Living in the Shadow of Death" and participants will study these questions and more:  
  • What is it that death does with us in our lives?
  • How does it influence our ethical choices, our bonds in community and our alienation from others, the imperative of our personal callings, the shape of the fears that haunt us most deeply? 
  • Moreover, how do our religious traditions teach us to frame the presence of death and to respond to it in our lives?
  • How do they toe the delicate line between the sanctity of life and the promises of the afterlife?
  • How do the rituals that surround death teach the living to relate to its constant presence and threat?
  • In short, what does it mean to us religiously to be living in the shadow of death?

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